2013 HongKong

2013 1023 First day


This year, the worldwide conference of Alliott Group will be held in HongKong

The airport express started from the airport will stop only two stations to Kowloon, so it will take only 20 minutes.


I need to ride a bus to the Intercontinental HongKong Hotel, the conference veune.

The reception on the first day was held in Jockey Club.
With two CPA’s from mainland China.


Chatting in front of the signboard before meal.


2013 1024 Second day


In the morning, there was a session titled “An Economic update on HongKong and Asia Pacific “.  Also, there was a brief presentation of each country’s tax system.

In the afternoon, there was a city tour.


A whole building is the advertisement of Zegna.

On the way to HongKong island by Ferry

The watch tower is the old tradition of English colony.
Due to the careful preservation, this is very clean and attractive.


HongKong Bay


The sea makes me cozy.


On the way to the Victoria Peak.
The buildings nearby looks slanted.


The view of HongKong

With James, a director of Alliott Group

더블클릭을 하시면 이미지를 수정할 수 있습니다

Yachts in the HongKong Harbor


Members of Alliott Group
Mostly from Europe


Boat people




더블클릭을 하시면 이미지를 수정할 수 있습니다

Boat people.
They were born and raised on the boat and die there.
The highrise apartment building is the keen contrast to them.

The fare is passenger’s own discretion.
I gave 20 HK dollar which is the normal fare.


Public cemetery
HingKong is a crowded area even after die


In front of Hullet House
With Febee, a Taiwan CPA and her daughters.


Nighttime in HongKong


Wih Anis from Abu Dabi


2013 1025 Third day

Before opening the session.

In the mornig there was a session under the title of “Effective Client Advisor Relationship”  Client is the key to our success !!!


In the afternoon, we were at the meeting with old persons in social facility.

The meeting with the olds were convened in YMCA Hall.


Performance of granpa and granma.


I was there.
I am already in the latter part of fifties.


Discussion within the group.
I joined Group number 8.


Perfomance of noodle making at Peking Garden, a Chinese restaurant.


With my old friends, from the left, John from Shanghai, Annis from Abu Dabi and Ken from Beijing.


Night view of HingKong harbor

Lighted waters in front of our Hotel, Intercon HK.


2013 1026 Last day

Listen to the lecture from Tony, a partner in Lawrence Cheung, a HK based accounting firm.


Take a picture of the graph

In the morning, there was a annual conference to determine chairmen at each region and other important matters.


An apartment with rectangular holes.
Typhoon is the fear of all HongKong persons.


a wharf at Lamma Island where we had lunch.


Sea food restaurants at the wharf


Rainbow seafood restaurant where we had lunch.



With Annan from India and Tui from Vietnam


Delegates from mainland China


A view of the wharf on the way back to Hotel

On the boat.


Stanley market


There are many miscellaneous item sold here.



A cocktail party before the GALA Dinner
Right of me are the people from Lawrence Cheung, a Hongkong Accounting Firm.


China Club where the GALA Dinner was held.
This is a private club located in the 14th floor of old china bank building


With  Thuy from Vietnam
He joined Alliott this year.


2014 1027 Day back home


Today, I am back home.



A city terminal in Kaoloon Station
I sent all my luggages here and went to the airport with barehand.